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OCTOBER 10, 2023

Many thanks to those who could attend the meeting at Cienega High School and a special thanks to our speakers Tom Belshe from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns and Tom Murphy, Mayor of Sahuarita. Stay tuned for the video to watch in case you missed the meeting.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 For the third Community Meeting, the guest speaker was Benson’s Mayor Joe Konrad.

Thank you to those able to attend the Zoom meeting. Many thanks to our speaker Mayor Joe Konrad from Benson and our moderator MaRico Tippett. You asked and we answered all 55 of your questions! If you missed it, you can watch it here! Please make sure to use the passcode. TO VIEW THE VIDEO FROM THE SEPTEMBER 25TH MEETING, GO TO

Passcode: =.5p1BPE

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 We heard from many residents who were unable to attend the first meeting, so the second Community Meeting was at 6pm on September 11th by Zoom. TO VIEW THE VIDEO FROM THE SEPTEMBER 11TH MEETING, GO TO

(Passcode: Xs3SM4$Z) Please be patient with the loading.

AUGUST 29, 2023 The first Community Meeting was at 6pm on August 29th at Cienega High School with guest speaker John Flint. TO VIEW THE VIDEO FROM THE AUGUST 29TH MEETING, GO TO “Ask The Expert” Community Meeting 01 – Love Vail – YouTube .