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MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 6pm This meeting will be held at Cienega High School. The evening’s guest speakers will be Sahuarita’s Mayor Tom Murphy and Tom Belshe from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns.

We answer your questions!

Monday, September 25th, 6pm (ZOOM) Thank you to those able to attend the Zoom meeting. Many thanks to our speaker Mayor Joe Konrad from Benson and our moderator MaRico Tippett. You asked and we answered all 55 of your questions! If you missed it, you can watch it here! Please make sure to use the passcode.

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Monday, September 11th, 6pm (ZOOM) Thank you to those able to attend the Zoom meeting. Many thanks to our speaker Tim Pickering and our moderator Rob Samuelsen. The meeting ran over as we wanted to be sure all your questions (74!) were answered. To view the zoom meeting (please be patient with the loading) –

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More of your Questions Answered

Our audience on Next Door has been quite active and has asked us to answer their questions.

We hope these answers will assist you in deciding to VOTE YES for Prop 402!


TOCAVA Ballots Mailed; for more information on military/overseas voting, go to, September 22
Last day to register; for more information on registration, go to, October 10
Ballots mailed outWednesday, October 11
Last day to request a ballot by mailFriday, October 27
Recommended deadline to mail back your ballotTuesday, October 31
Last day to vote early in-personFriday, November 3
Election DayTuesday, November 7


What is Vail?

Everyone can agree that Vail is a real place. Few can agree on the definition of that place. Vail was christened in 1895. And, it has been the place that many have claimed as their home. However, Vail was never incorporated. Vail never had a mayor, council, or any legal standing. Vail has no identifiable boundaries. 

Today, Vail, affectionately known as “the town between the tracks,” is identified on maps and included in weather reports. It continues, however, to be more of an idea and a mindset than a defined geographical location in Pima County. Now, we, the residents of the Vail area, are ready to take control of our own destiny and incorporate Vail.

Incorporation will enable Vail residents to control and manage its own affairs including roads, water, parks, lifestyle, business and housing development, taxes, the things we treasure, and more!

WE should decide on:

  • OUR roads and streets
    • Who among us has not struggled on the deteriorating roads including potholes along with insufficient turning and travel lanes. Our roads are a safety hazard for all of us including our youngest of drivers!
    • We need the ability to manage OUR roadways to ensure the safety of our friends, neighbors, and most importantly, our children!

  • OUR water
    • The goal of incorporation is to maintain safe and reliable water for the Vail community.
    • Incorporate Vail, AZ has no interest in seizing control of any private wells.

  • OUR parks and open space
    • Towns and cities near Vail are full of beautiful public parks and safe open spaces where families can enjoy the Arizona beauty. Vail families have to drive to them to enjoy those outdoor spaces as there is not one public park or outdoor space in Vail.
    • If we want safe public spaces for our children and families to play, we must take control of the management of such spaces!

  • OUR business and housing developments
    • Vail operates under the jurisdiction of Pima County. The County determines growth.
    • Vail should be able to tailor policies, regulations, and ordinances to our specific needs and values.
    • Vail residents need to determine what growth looks like in Vail as WE are the ones who live with the decisions made amongst our neighborhoods.

  • OUR taxes
    • Our property taxes currently go to the State general fund. They ONLY come back to us if we incorporate
    • We need to put OUR tax dollars to work in OUR community
    • We need to fund OUR local community… not the State at large.
    • Similar to Sahuarita, Marana, and Oro Valley, Vail will rely primarily on State Shared Revenue and County Revenue… NOT an increase in local taxes unless approved by a ballot measure.

  • OUR values
    • We must gain local control to preserve the things we as a community love about Vail.
    • We are the keepers of our history and heritage, and we are the ones who must preserve it.
    • We must gain a voice in regional and state decisions to ensure our values are represented!