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Pima County Verification of IVA Petitions

Report from the Pima County Recorder’s Office validating IVA petitions and certifying that we secured the required number of valid signatures to place incorporation on the November ballot.

Board Members

Official Feasibility Study

Love Vail (The Vail Voice – October, 2023)

Written by the Incorporation Vail Arizona Board explaining what Love Vail truly means.

Read October, 2023 article

Petitions and Signatures (The Vail Voice – September, 2023)

Under Arizona statute (ARS 9-101), there are two ways to form a new city or town: one is by a 2/3’s supermajority signature vote and the other by a 10% collection of signatures and a subsequent election of the simple majority…

Read September, 2023 article

Sahuarita’s Incorporation (The Vail Voice – August, 2023)

When the Town of Sahuarita became incorporated in 1994, we had 1,800 residents – anticipated town boundaries in Vail could be upwards of 14,000…

Read August, 2023 article

Understanding the Distinction: Towns and Charter Cities (The Vail Voice – July, 2023)

I write to provide clarity and shed light on a topic that often results in confusion among Arizona residents – the difference between towns and charter cities within our state…

Read July, 2023 article

Boundaries and Map (The Vail Voice – June, 2023)

The Incorporate Vail AZ (IVA) committee has been working from a detailed eight-page project plan. The major milestones are established by State statute and the work breakdown structure by the steps required to achieve the intermediate goals…

Read June, 2023 article

Water in Vail (The Vail Voice – May, 2023)

While gold, silver, and copper are valuable, there is one natural resource more precious than that – WATER. All life on earth is contingent on fresh water and in the west, battles are fought over water rights. The fights aren’t with guns anymore, but rather with checkbooks and lawyers…

Read May, 2023 article

Vail is in the Top 50! (The Vail Voice – April, 2023)

The secret is out! According to SmartAsset, Vail is the 35th best suburb in America, the only Arizona suburb in the Top 50, and the top ranked suburb in the western United States! Rounding out Arizona in the Top 100 are Sahuarita (63rd) and Apache Junction (79th)…

Read April, 2023 article

Property Taxes in Vail (The Vail Voice – March, 2023)

A very common misconception is that municipal incorporation will automatically increase our property taxes. Part of this misconception is simply not understanding what is included in the property tax and how it’s calculated.

Read March, 2023 article

Will My Taxes Go Up? (The Vail Voice – February, 2023)

Taxes are complicated and it’s something we all love to hate! We also want good roads, safe neighborhoods, and abundant parks.

Read February, 2023 article

Feasibility Analysis (The Vail Voice – January, 2023)

Financial feasibility is paramount for any organization’s long-term viability. It is no different for a new Arizona town…

Read January, 2023 article

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